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Colonel pilot Mirosław NAWROCKI was born on 10th July 1972 in Rawicz (Greater Poland Region, Poland).

In the years 1987-1991 he attended Secondary Aviation School in Zielona Góra (Poland). He has been a professional soldier since 1991. Col Nawrocki graduated The Polish Air Force Academy located in Dęblin (Poland). He graduated “The Eaglet School” in 1995 and then he was assigned to his first professional post in the 11th Air Fighter Regiment in Wrocław (Poland) where he was pretrained to MiG-21 air jets and obtained 1st Class Fighter Pilot performing duties of a pilot and senior pilot within combat duty shifts in National Air Defense system. In 2000 he was transferred to National Defense University in Warsaw (Poland) to take a degree in Command and Staff Studies at the Faculty of Air Force and Air Defense. In 2002 as a certified officer he took up the duty of commander of a flight of 3rd Tactical Air Squadron in Poznań-Krzesiny (Poland). Due to health problems, since 2004 to 2007, he was transferred to the headquarters of 2nd Tactical Air Brigade in Poznań (Poland) where he was preparing organizational structures for the newly purchased F-16 Block 52+ jets.

In 2007 by Air Force Commander’s order Col Nawrocki was designated to the organizational group responsible for the formation of new air transportation command - 3rd Air Transportation Brigade (3rd BLTr) and 14th Air Transportation Squadron equipped with C-130 Hercules aircraft in Powidz (Poland).

Serving in 3rd BLTr headquarters in 2008 he organized the first in Polish Air Force theoretical tactical course for air transportation pilots that enabled to organize, with a brand new value, a course in the air and also safe consigning of transportation planes within Polish Military Contingent (PKW) to the regions dealing with crisis and war.

In 2009-2012 he was on duty in NATO Allied Air Force Command in Ramstein (Germany) in TACEVAL Board being the first pilot-inspector from so-called New NATO countries. Col Nawrocki was helping with meeting NATO standards by the first Polish combat air component “JASTRZˇB” with F-16 jets which succeeded with positive control results carried by NATO FORCEVAL in 2011.

In 2011 he was transferred to Combined Forces Air Command (CFAC) headquarters in Izmir (Turkey) where he participated in NATO “UNITED PROTECTOR” air operation against the regime of Col Gaddafi in Libya.

After returning from NATO structures Col Nawrocki was appointed as the Chief of Standardization and Assessment Section - Instructor Pilot within 2nd Tactical Air Wing headquarters in Poznań (Poland).

In 2013 he was designated by Air Force Commander to the position of the Head of Senior Inspector of Flight Safety in newly formed Polish Armed Forces Operational Command with the task of establishing air safety structures within the Command.

In 2004 he took an active part in forming new instruction of flight safety in Polish Armed Forces consistent with NATO standards. He supervised the process of implementing flight safety in Polish Armed Forces Operational Command and its sub-units. The system started a brand new mechanisms of managing operational and combat risk in Polish Air Force. The mechanisms were successfully used during missions of Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Central African Republic and Lithuania.

The effect of creative and effective activity in flight safety was the lack of air crashes during all our military activities abroad since 2013 along with conducting high operational and combat readiness.

Since 2nd January 2017 Col Nawrocki has been appointed by Minister of National Defense as the Commander of Deployable Command and Reporting Center in Babki in the vicinity of Poznań (Poland).

He graduated from post-graduate studies at Poznań University of Technology and Opole University, and a number of courses and professional trainings both in Poland and abroad, such as TLP Florennes (Belgium) and NATO School in Oberamergau (Germany).

Col Nawrocki is an author of specialist articles published in military professional press and trade press concerning modern use of military aviation.
During his career as a military pilot he operated TS-11 Iskra/Spark, MiG-21UM, MiG-21M and -MF Fishbed, and M-28 Bryza/Skytruck aircrafts.

As sports pilot, however, he flew school, training and competitive planes and gliders, namely: PZL 104 Wilga, SZD-9 Bocian, SZD-50 Puchacz, SZD-30 Pirat, SZD-51 Junior, SZD-24 Foka, SZD-36 Cobra, SZD-41 Jantar Standard. He obtained the Golden Diamond Badge from the International Gliding Commission.

Col Nawrocki possesses a First Class Military Pilot title with a 1050 total flying hours. Currently he is performing flights on a M-28 Bryza/Skytruck aircraft.
He has been often rewarded for managing and organizational aviation activities, headquarters activities and in the area of flight safety. He was also rewarded with NATO Medal and a Polish Air Force Merit Badge.

Col Nawrocki is active in sports such as running, cycling, kayaking, windsurfing and skiing. He is interested in military history and development of new aviation technologies. Moreover, he is keen on good music, motorbike trips and biographies. Col Nawrocki is fluent in English language.

Married. Wife - Monika, daughters - Wiktoria and Amelia, son - Miłosz.

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